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Dachshund Dog Art Shoot


So this happened.

Meet Phoebe, Chelsea and Harvey, three little dogs with BIG personalities. They came through to the studio with their parents and grandparents (Harvey belongs to granny and grandpa) for a portrait shoot which was rather chaotic, but lots and lots of fun.


If you've ever wondered how I actually manage to get portraits of multiple dogs sitting still, the answer is with patience, perseverance and snacks.


Smaller dogs are usually much easier to coerce into sitting still than big dogs and with all the extra pairs of hands made this shoot quite easy really.......


Harvey (above) wasn't overly impressed with the whole portrait shoot thing, the girls however got totally into the modelling vibe. To be fair to Harvey, his Dad was telling him that he smelt like a little girl after his bath the day before, so that probably put him off his stride a bit.


All eyes on the snacks.


Cheese, viennas and............




Happiness is an arm full of Dachshunds.

I'm so excited to see what the portraits from this shoot look like hanging up at Fran & Brad's house.  They ordered 12 20cmx20cm framed portraits which are going to look amazing.