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Dog Art Photography


Matching monochrome dogs to photograph!  Yes please.  

Introducing Dog Art Photography.


Meet rescue dog Amber and her brother from another mother, Diego. I had the pleasure of photographing this pair last weekend in the studio.  I’m always on the look out for cool hounds to photograph and these two did not disappoint.  Just imagine how fabulous these images will look printed, mounted and framed on a feature wall.


Diego is very shy compared to Amber, so getting him to sit and look at the camera was tricky. Amber was keen to pose in exchange for food, which is her main passion in life.

They did eventually sit still long enough to let me get this almost perfect shot.  Diego was quite intrigued by my dog noises app and Amber was looking at, yes you guessed it, food. If only my camera lens dispensed biscuits, I’d have had 100% eye contact from her.


Mom and Dad colour coordinated with the dogs to keep the monochrome vibe going strong, the dogs wouldn't pose, so their parents made up for their lack of cooperation with gorgeous smiles.


I'm rolling out dog art photography sessions with the aim of creating more artistic images that can be framed or printed on canvas to make beautiful wall art for homes.  I love blank walls, so if you've got some to fill please send me an email and tell me all about it.  I work with a top framer in Johannesburg and the only limit here is your imagination, so let's get creative.

by TNB