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Girl plus Bulldogs - Cape Town


This is York the British Bulldog who is somewhat of an Instagram sensation.  Until recently, York lived with his Mom, Dad and sister Ro in Cape Town, they have now moved to Utah in the USA.

I met up with York, Ro and Anya for an informal beach shoot last year and we had quite a lot of fun in the process.


The most exciting part of the shoot for York and Ro was the huge chunks of seaweed that had washed up on the beach, so in order to get their attention I had to wave pieces of seaweed around (yuk), and it did the trick.  I did, however, have to be very careful not to get knocked over by York when he jumped quite high in the air by Bulldog standards to get to the seaweed.


Shooting on the beach was brilliant.  We managed to find a quiet spot so that all I had to worry about was capturing the dogs as they hurtled past me and how to include the mountain in the back of my shots.


We all spent most of the shoot on the move, either avoiding being washed away by the sea (I had visions of falling over backwards and drowning my camera), dodging charging Bulldogs or running after the dogs and trying to get them to cooperate!  As you can see from the flying photos below, the dogs weren't very interested in me, they just wanted to play.


After 30 minutes of chasing around, the Bullies slowed down long enough for a couple of shots with their Mom before racing off again to find more seaweed.


Cape Town is on my agenda for 2018, so if you like these images and fancy yourself a beach dog portrait shoot, please send me an email or complete the contact form and we can make plan.


I’ll be in Cape Town between 20th and 23rd September, contact me to commission your own shoot by clicking here.