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Three Boston Terriers

Studio Dog Photography Portraits

boston terrier studio dog portraits south africa

Three Boston Terrorists, oops, I mean Terriers. Ahem.

Meet Frankie, Enzo and Luna three fabulous Boston Terriers photographed in the studio a few weeks ago. Despite the shocked look on Frankie's face, I think the dogs actually had a nice time being photographed, the nice time being mostly provided by the biscuits that we shovelled into them to get them to sit still.


Studio dog portraits boston terriers south africa

The boys modelled their Adidog winter outfits.

boston terrier studio dog portrait photography

Luna squeezed into her winter coat.

boston terrier studio dog portrait photography

Little Luna is deaf, so photographing her was a bit more challenging than working with the boys. She's the sweetest girl and as long as she could see the treats, we had her full attention.

boston terrier dog studio portrait photography

The more I photograph dogs, the more perfection I find in the imperfect shots. Enzo was jumping up at his Mom for snacks whilst Luna and Frankie sat patiently, but I love this shot. It sums up the crazy energy and fun we had during the shoot. I think there are very few dogs that actually understand what they're doing in a photography studio, so I've learnt to embrace the unusual and silly things that they do. Including photo bombing.

boston terrier dog studio photography

Er excuse me Luna.

boston terrier studio shoot johannesburg

In amongst the tomfoolery we did get some beautiful portraits of the bostons. I shot them against a white background to accentuate their monochrome colouring and I love the contrast between their coats and the background.

boston terrier studio portrait photography
boston terrier studio portrait photography

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boston terrier studio dog portrait photography