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Fashion Hound - NY Fashion - Pantone Colours

Fashion hound Jane models four looks - 2018 pantone colour trends.

fashion hound 2018 pantone colours dog photography

How many newsletters are you subscribed to?  I seem to have quite a collection in my inbox at any one time and I often don't have a chance to read them. Quite by chance a couple of days ago, a newsletter from 'The Creative Finder' grabbed my attention, talking about Pantone's unveiling of the A/W 2018 colour trends that it predicts will be hitting the high streets and malls following New York Fashion week.

As I read through the article, I realised that I have inadvertently painted three of the colours on my studio walls recently as well as being the proud owner of a not much used red paper roll.  Given that fashion hound Jane is almost a perfect match to 'PANTONE 16 - 1438 Meerkat' I spent an hour in the studio (with the help of Carla the dog trainer and several slices of liver bread) getting her to model a few of the trending colours.

The image above is Jane (approx PANTONE 16 - 1438 Meerkat) with 'PANTONE 11 - 4801 Tofu' around her mouth against a backdrop of 'PANTONE 18 - 1549 Valiant Poppy'. I accessorised her with the same red scarf to add some contrast and break up the background colour.

fashion hound 2018 pantone colours dog photography

Here we have Jane against a darker hue of 'PANTONE 14 - 4107 Quiet Gray' with a shawl in a similar colour. Jane's 'Meerkat' coat and 'Tofu' mouth and chin fur gives some contrast against the block colour grey without distracting from it. Pantone suggests that some of the trending colours are impactful enough to wear on their own, I think Jane looks impactful here.

fashion hound 2018 pantone colours dog photography

Following on from Pantone's suggestion that the 2018 A/W colours are super enough to wear on their own, I've taken things step further here and removed the Jane/background colour contrast to mix two similarly toned colours together - 'Pantone 16 - 1438 Meerkat' with 'Pantone 14 - 1116 Almond Buff'.  I actually think the tones really complement each other, giving a very warm feeling to the image and accentuating the colour of Jane's eyes. Perhaps Pantone could base a new colour on her eyes - Fashion Hound Brown?

fashion hound 2018 pantone colours dog photography

The trend report states that the 2018 colours are expressing a need for individuality and when combined in an ingenious way can produce a signature look. This vacant expression is fashion hound Jane's signature look and whilst I think the colour combinations look fabulous, they don't boost her appearance in an intellectual way. Perhaps the addition of some glasses with frames in Valiant Poppy would help?

In case you are interested in the new 2018 colours, which, all sarcasm and jesting aside, are actually pretty cool, here are the swatches (images reproduced from Pantone's website). The link to the article I sourced these from is here -  I've also added click through links on the pics.