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Dog Art Studio Shoot - Wallace


Meet Wallace the Bulldog.  Full of character and an absolute gent.  Wallace's Mom booked him in for a dog portrait shoot at the studio after he was diagnosed with a heart tumour (sorry this is a bit of a sad post).  She wanted to have some beautiful portraits of him in his prime and he did not disappoint.


You'll have got the gist from seeing my work that I prefer to keep backgrounds simple and focus on the dog or person I'm working with to capture character and personality in my portraits.  Wallace posed like a professional model (in exchange for biltong - not sure if that's what happens with Kate Moss, perhaps she poses in exchange for champers) and gave me some lovely head tilts, side profile shots and my absolute best, the leg out to the side shot.


This seems to be quite a signature pose for Bulldogs, ours sometimes does this, or she sits with her back paws tucked between her front paws which is super cute.


Very sadly, Wallace's mom messaged me a couple of days after the shoot to tell me that he'd developed pneumonia as a result of his heart problem and passed away suddenly.  He'd been a cherished member of the family for eight years so it was terribly sad news.  I'm very glad that we got him to the studio for portraits beforehand, these pictures mean that his memory will live on in the household. The photo above is being printed 70cm x 70cm and framed to go in the entrance hall, so he'll still rule the roost.


If you have a pampered pooch in need of some portraits, please get in touch with me.