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Dogs are a girl's best friend


'Anyone who says that diamonds are a girl's best friend has never owned a dog'.

Here are my two favourite girls, Rosie my daughter and Victoria who I adopted from CLAW.  Victoria came into my life when she was just two days old, so caring for her was very much like looking after a tiny Rosie, although thankfully not for nearly as long!


Rosie lives in the UK with her dad, so I see her three times a year and every time she visits, I take photos of her (here are the last two shoots - London portraits & Kenton portraits).


I'll be the first person to admit that in the absence of my human child living with me, the dogs are treated like children, especially Victoria and her brother Edward.  Victoria has taken a particular liking to Rosie which is why I chose to photograph them both together.


I teamed up with the ladies from Impressionant Events for this shoot. I've collaborated with them a few times on shoots, and they created the beautiful floral arrangements for Rosie and Victoria.


I was aiming for a girl and her dog vibe with this shoot and to create some portraits with a fashion shoot feel that I can hang in my new home.  


Victoria was spectacularly non-compliant for the duration of the shoot, but thankfully managed not to eat any of the flower arrangements. Rosie was a very good model, despite that fact that it was a bit of a miserable day and we were rained on intermittently.


I love capturing the bond between dogs and their owners, so if you have a particularly special pooch that you'd like to get dressed up and shoot portraits with, please get in touch with me. The flower crowns and arrangements can be styled in colours to suit and Joburg & Pretoria have a plethora of lovely venues to work in.